No rules, no standards , the children make the rules !  ...We believe in endless, OPEN fun ..the shapes included in our sets, a child can build his own figures , find his own way and discover a new world....from castles to animal figures to 3d shapes there is no limits they can create whatever they want

Create 3D shapes

Using our strong tiles with the power of the "click" makes it so easy for your child to create and build 3d figures like castles ,rainbows,boats,and even any random shape there is no limits for our children imagination !!

Combine clix with other toys 

combining other toys when playing with clix open a new world of imaginative play which stimulates kids creativity to a hole new level 

Spell and learn letters 

There are so many ways to use clix in the learning process to make it more fun and engaging for little kids ,using a chalk marker for example to write on the tiles and make the child click words togather is a very fun game, you can use our letters resources for teaching children letters shape  in more than one language 

Window staking

Staking clix-tiles on windows is a fun way of using magnetic power to build vertically , it will give nice colors when letting the sun in

Outdoor clix fun


Car tracks